9 Countries Where U.S. Passport Holders Can Work and Live

If you’ve ever considered leaving the U.S. for new opportunities, these countries should be near the top of your list, with some of the most straightforward visa requirements in the world for U.S. citizens.

Looking Overseas

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With a constantly shifting political landscape and fears of recession on the horizon, many Americans are looking overseas for either a temporary or permanent lifestyle change.

9 Countries You Can Emigrate To

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While some countries are famously difficult to emigrate to, others welcome U.S. citizens with open arms and (relatively) open borders.

Here are 9 countries that offer the easiest path to residency for people with American passports. 

#1. Mexico

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U.S. emigration south of the border has soared in the last decade, with Mexico becoming the top destination for Americans to move to.

According to Bloomberg analysis, U.S. emigration rates to Mexico jumped by 85% between 2019 and 2022, reaching a record number of residents in the country.

Mexican Visa Options

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Mexico has a temporary residence visa you can apply for that allows you to stay in the country for up to a year, and it can be renewed four times.

After four years, you can then apply for a permanent residence visa. Citizenship by descent, whether through Mexican or Latin American ethnicity, is also easy to obtain.

#2. Portugal

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A top-rated destination for U.S. immigrants, Portugal has erupted as a sought-after long-term destination due to its high quality of life, low cost of living, and potential as a gateway to the rest of Europe. 

Portuguese Visa Options

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While the criteria for the famous Portugal Golden Visa have become a lot stricter, two-year temporary residence permits and digital nomad visa programs are still available for U.S. citizens who want to work, study, conduct research, or stay with family in the country.

#3. Spain

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Jump across the border in Portugal, and you’ll find Spain, known for its world-class cuisine, intriguing culture and beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

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There are a number of options for U.S. citizens interested in residing in Spain full-time.

Spanish Visa Options

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Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for one of the various visa types for non-EU residents, including – the Golden Visa (for investors), the digital nomad visa, the non-lucrative visa, work visa, and more. 

#4. Turkey

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With amazing historical and cultural sights and an incredibly low cost of living due to high rates of inflation, people around the world flock to Turkey for work and travel. 

Turkish Visa Options

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The most popular visa route for Americans in Turkey is the short-term residence visa, which allows foreigners to stay in the country for up to a year for “tourist purposes”, amongst other criteria. 

#5. Thailand

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Want to make your dreamy beach vacation a full-time reality? Make it happen in Thailand, where many U.S. remote workers, English teachers, and retirees are flocking to take advantage of beautiful weather, friendly people, and a low cost of living.

Thai Visa Options

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The long-term residency visa, also known as the LTR, is the best option for obtaining Thai residency.

The LTR is issued to foreign nationals who meet its criteria, such as high-income individuals, retirees, remote workers, and highly skilled professionals.

#6. Colombia

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Though it has experienced rising rates of economic and social instability, Colombia has become a hotspot for U.S. citizens, many of whom work remotely from the country thanks to its low earning threshold for residency and its vibrant cities and natural landscapes.

Colombian Visa Options

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If you’re interested in living in Colombia for the short or long term, the M visa, or Migrant visa, is the way to go.

This visa is valid for up to 3 years and is open to remote workers, pensioners, investors, and other US professionals who meet the criteria.

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#7. Greece

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While it may be one of the most desirable vacation destinations in Europe, some Americans are also realizing that Greece is an excellent location for long-term residency.

If you fit the requirements for a visa, you can enjoy Greece’s incredible islands, Mediterranean cuisine, and stunning ancient history all year round.

Greek Visa Options

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By investing in real estate, government bonds, shares, and more, U.S. citizens can obtain a Greek Golden Visa, which has one of the lowest barriers to entry amongst European golden visa programs.

They can also get residence through work permits or the country’s digital nomad visa. 

#8. Malaysia

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An underrated Asian destination, with some of the best food in the world, friendly people, and a high number of English speakers, Malaysia is an excellent, if overlooked, option for U.S. citizens seeking a long or short-term base in Southeast Asia.

Malaysian Visa Options

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Malaysia offers a number of visa options for foreign nationals, including the Residence Pass-Talent for highly qualified expats, the digital nomad visa under the De Rantau Program, and the MMH2 (Malaysia My 2nd Home) visa for retirees with liquid assets and a monthly income of $2500 per month.

#9. Nicaragua

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Nicaragua may not be your first thought for a new home outside of the US. Still, residency in this Central American poses a number of benefits, including a very affordable lifestyle, low crime, and low taxes.

Nicaragua Visa Options

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Gaining residence in Nicaragua is relatively straightforward, with an exceptionally low income threshold for most visas.

Retirees only need a $600 per month income, investors only need to invest $30,000 in any local business, and foreign nationals who make $750 per month from investments are also eligible for residency.

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