21 Toxic Office Behaviors You Can’t Ignore

From the subtle art of backstabbing to the not-so-subtle art of credit-stealing, here’s a rundown of 21 toxic office behaviors that should be kicked to the curb. If you spot these in your workplace, it’s time to call them out—because really, we’re all too grown-up for this nonsense.

#1. Gossip Mongering

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Churning out rumors faster than a tabloid, gossip mongers create a whirlwind of mistrust. Cut it out, and maybe focus on your spreadsheet instead?

#2. Credit Stealing

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Nothing screams ‘insecurity’ louder than someone who snatches credit for others’ work. If you can’t acknowledge your team’s efforts, you’re not a leader; you’re just a leech.

#3. Micromanaging

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Oh, the joy of having someone breathe down your neck! Micromanagers need to chill—trust your team, and let them breathe.

#4. Passive Aggressiveness

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Leaving snide notes or sending cryptic emails? Just say what you mean, folks. Passive-aggressive behavior doesn’t make you mysterious, just annoying.

#5. Excessive Complaining

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Yes, we all hate Mondays, but complaining incessantly won’t make Friday come any faster. It just makes everyone else’s week drag too.

#6. Sabotaging Others

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Sabotage is not a career strategy. Undermining colleagues won’t elevate your status—everyone sees through it, and karma is a boomerang.

#7. Withholding Information

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Hoarding information like it’s the last slice of pizza doesn’t make you powerful, it makes you a bottleneck. Share the knowledge, don’t choke on it.

#8. Non-Constructive Criticism

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If your feedback doesn’t come with advice on how to improve, then it’s just plain old criticism. And nobody has time for that.

#9. Ignoring Boundaries

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Respect personal space and professional boundaries. Your colleagues aren’t your family—so maybe hold back on the bear hugs and life stories.

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#10. Overpromising and Underdelivering

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Stop talking a big game if you can’t play it. Consistently failing to meet commitments just makes you unreliable and untrustworthy.

#11. Inflexibility

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The ‘my way or the highway’ approach is so last century. Adaptability is key—otherwise, you’re just roadblocking progress.

#12. Not Listening

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Being heard is a basic human need, so when you don’t listen, it says you don’t care. Zip it and tune in.

#13. Disrespecting Others’ Time

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Time is money, people! Being perpetually late or unprepared isn’t just rude, it’s expensive.

#14. Workplace Bullying

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Intimidation and bullying? This isn’t the schoolyard. Grow up, or get out.

#15. Unwillingness to Collaborate

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If you’re not playing well with others, you might be in the wrong sandbox. Collaboration is the cornerstone of success.

#16. Exclusion

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Nothing says ‘clique’ like a closed circle. If you’re leaving people out on purpose, you’re just building walls.

#17. Lack of Empathy

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Empathy isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. If you can’t understand others’ feelings, you might as well be a robot.

#18. Overuse of Jargon

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Cut the corporate speak. Communicate clearly—because no one has time to decode your buzzwords.

#19. Playing the Blame Game

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Stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility. Blame is the laziest form of problem-solving.

#20. Resistance to Change

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Change is inevitable, like death and taxes. Resist, and you’ll just get left behind.

#21. Taking Undue Credit

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If you’re basking in the spotlight for something you didn’t do, enjoy it—it won’t last. Honesty and integrity always come out on top.

Time for a Clean-Up!

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Seriously, if your office is rife with these behaviors, it’s time for a cultural detox. Let’s promote a workspace where integrity, teamwork, and respect are the norms, not the exceptions. Anything less just isn’t where you want to be.

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