Parenting Fails: 15 Supposed ‘Expert’ Tips That Just Don’t Work

Parenting advice is plentiful, but not all of it holds up in the real world. Here are 15 often-recommended tips that might not deliver the results they promise, leaving parents more frustrated than fortified.

1. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

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This age-old advice sounds ideal but doesn’t consider the myriad of other responsibilities parents have. When else are dishes, laundry, and a moment of personal downtime supposed to happen?

2. Let Babies Cry It Out

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While some advocate this method for teaching infants to self-soothe, it can be distressing for both baby and parent, potentially impacting the child’s sense of security and the parent’s mental health.

3. Never Bed-Share

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While safety is a valid concern, completely dismissing bed-sharing overlooks the benefits of this practice in many cultures, and for some, it’s a practical approach to improve sleep and bonding.

4. Use Time-Outs as Punishment

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Time-outs are often recommended to curb bad behavior, but they can make children feel isolated and misunderstood rather than teaching them about the consequences of their actions.

5. Feed on a Strict Schedule

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Insisting on feeding newborns strictly by the clock can ignore their natural hunger cues, potentially leading to underfeeding or undue distress.

6. More Activities for Better Development

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Over-scheduling kids with activities can lead to stress and burnout, robbing them of the crucial downtime they need to play, explore, and rest at their own pace.

7. Stick to Rigid Routines

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While routines help manage expectations, being too rigid can prevent children from learning to adapt to changes and cope with unpredictability.

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8. Use Food as a Reward

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Using treats as a bargaining tool can create unhealthy relationships with food, such as associating sweets with comfort or reward.

9. Potty Train Early

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Pushing potty training can lead to power struggles and setbacks. Children develop at their own pace, and readiness cues are more important than reaching a milestone by a certain age.

10. Don’t Let Them See You Cry

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Hiding emotions to present a strong front teaches children that it’s not okay to show vulnerability, instead of modeling healthy ways to express and manage feelings.

11. Children Should Always Share

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Forcing kids to share on demand doesn’t respect their right to personal boundaries and possessions, and can confuse them about consent and ownership.

12. Stay Positive All the Time

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Constant positivity is unrealistic and can invalidate a child’s range of emotions. It’s healthier to acknowledge and address all feelings, both positive and negative.

13. Strict Screen Time Limits

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While limiting screen time is beneficial, being overly strict can prevent kids from learning self-regulation and using technology in beneficial ways.

14. Always Keep the House Quiet for Sleeping Babies

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Trying to maintain complete silence when a baby is sleeping is impractical and can result in a child who only sleeps in perfectly quiet conditions.

15. Parent the Same Way for Every Child

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Each child is unique, and parenting techniques that work for one may not work for another. Flexibility and adaptation to individual needs are key.

Myth-Busting Parenting Wisdom

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While well-intentioned, not all parenting advice is one-size-fits-all. Understanding that some ‘expert’ tips might backfire allows parents to trust their instincts and find what truly works for their family, creating a healthier and more adaptive home environment.

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