21 Killer Comebacks to Silence Sexist Jerks

Navigating social interactions can sometimes be tricky, especially when faced with unwelcome or demeaning comments. Here are 21 comebacks to shut down male put-downs gracefully and assertively:

1. “Is That Really the Best You Can Do?”

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Perfect for when someone tries a weak insult or an outdated stereotype.

2. “Wow, Did It Take You All Day to Come Up With That?”

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Use this when someone makes a comment that’s more silly than insulting.

3. “I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Realize We Were Competing for ‘The Most Outdated Views’ Award.”

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Great for responding to sexist or archaic opinions.

4. “Oh, I See You Mistake Me for Someone Who Would Actually Care.”

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A smooth way to dismiss a remark that was intended to be derogatory.

5. “I’d Agree With You, but Then We’d Both Be Wrong.”

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Use this for when you’re dealing with blatant misinformation or biases.

6. “I’m Not the Mirror.”

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If someone is projecting their insecurities onto you.

7. “You’re Right. I’m Not Perfect. But at Least I’m Not You.”

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A little harsh, but effective for a put-down that crosses the line.

8. “Keep Rolling Your Eyes. Maybe You’ll Find a Brain Back There.”

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For a particularly condescending tone or eye-roll.

9. “Your Unsolicited Advice Is Noted and Ignored.”

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When someone gives you advice you didn’t ask for and don’t need.

10. “I’d Explain It to You but I Left My Crayons at Home.”

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For when someone doesn’t seem to grasp a simple concept or is playing dumb.

11. “Oops! I Almost Gave You the Attention You’re Desperate For.”

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For someone seeking to provoke a reaction with a put-down.

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12. “I Don’t Take Criticism From Someone I Wouldn’t Take Advice From.”

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A dignified response to diminish a negative comment’s value.

13. “I’m Sure You Did Your Best, Even if It Doesn’t Show.”

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Use this when someone is overly critical about your work or effort.

14. “I’m Busy Now. Can I Ignore You Some Other Time?”

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When someone won’t stop with the unwelcome comments.

15. “Were You Talking To Me? Sorry, I Couldn’t Hear You Over Your Irrelevance.”

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Great for when someone’s put-down is utterly baseless or irrelevant.

16. “I Appreciate Your Input but I’m Attending to Matters That Actually Matter.”

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To redirect the conversation away from trivial criticisms.

17. “It’s Cute How You Think Your Opinion Matters to Me.”

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For dismissive or patronizing remarks.

18. “That Sounded Better in Your Head, Didn’t It?”

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When someone’s comment falls flat or is particularly awkward.

19. “Oh, Bless Your Heart for Trying.”

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Perfect for condescending or overly simplistic put-downs.

20. “Thank You for Your Concern, but I’m Sure You Have More Important Things to Worry About.”

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To subtly remind someone to mind their own business.

21. “Let’s Save Our Breath – It’s Clear You Need It More Than I Do.”

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For when you want to end a pointless or exhausting exchange quickly.

Snap Back

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These comebacks are tools of empowerment, helping you handle put-downs with poise and a touch of humor. Remember, the goal is not just to respond but to affirm your dignity and self-respect in any interaction.

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