Love Lies: 20 Pieces of Relationship Advice That Are Totally Wrong

Tired of sifting through relationship advice that seems more like a recipe for disaster than a path to bliss? Ever wonder if “common wisdom” is really just common nonsense?

1. Never Go to Bed Angry

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Staying up all night to resolve a fight might just leave you exhausted and cranky. Sometimes, a good night’s sleep is what you both need to see things more clearly.

2. The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together

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Sure, shared hobbies are great, but having your own interests isn’t a relationship death sentence—it’s a breath of fresh air!

3. Opposites Attract

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While opposite traits can spice things up initially, long-term compatibility usually hinges on shared values and similar interests.

4. You Can Change Them

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Entering a relationship with a renovation project in mind? Better to find someone whose quirks you can handle, not hope to overhaul.

5. Communication Is Key

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Yes, communicate, but it’s not just about talking all the time. Understanding when to give space can be just as crucial.

6. Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

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On the contrary, love often means having the courage to apologize and admit when you’re wrong.

7. A Grand Gesture Fixes Everything

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Big, romantic gestures make for great movies, but in real life, trust and respect are built through consistent, small acts.

8. You Should Have a Lot in Common

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Having everything in common might make you seem like clones. Differences can enrich your relationship, bringing you growth and excitement.

9. True Love Is All You Need

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If only it were that simple! True love is fundamental, but mutual respect, support, and communication are also must-haves.

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10. Jealousy Is a Sign of Love

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Jealousy actually signals insecurity or distrust, not depth of affection. Strive for a partnership rooted in trust, not possessiveness.

11. Couples Therapy Is for Troubled Relationships

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Think of therapy like a tune-up for your car; it’s maintenance that can benefit any relationship, even healthy ones.

12. Happy Couples Don’t Fight

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All couples disagree sometimes. It’s not the absence of conflict but how you handle it that counts.

13. You Must Share Everything

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Privacy doesn’t evaporate when you’re in a committed relationship. It’s healthy to keep some thoughts or past memories to yourself.

14. Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend

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Your partner might be like a best friend, but don’t forget to maintain other friendships outside your relationship too.

15. A Good Relationship Doesn’t Require Work

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Every relationship requires effort. Thinking it should be easy can set you up for disappointment and frustration.

16. Never Admit When You’re Attracted to Someone Else

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Being honest about feelings can actually strengthen trust if handled respectfully and appropriately.

17. Your Kids Should Always Come First

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While kids are a priority, neglecting your relationship can lead to disconnection. Balance is key.

18. If They Loved You, They’d Know What You Need

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Expecting your partner to read your mind is unrealistic. Clear communication about your needs is more effective.

19. All Conflicts Should Be Resolved

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Some issues might be ongoing. It’s managing them together, rather than resolving them fully, that can strengthen bonds.

20. Marriage Is the Ultimate Relationship Goal

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Marriage isn’t the finish line for everyone. Define your relationship’s success on your own terms, not society’s expectations.

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The Final Scoop

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Just because advice is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for your romance. Keep what works, ditch the rest, and remember that the best guidelines are the ones that make your relationship feel like a home, not a battleground.

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