Pet Safety Tips: How We Keep Our Kids and Pets Safe

After dealing with postnatal anxiety, I became hyper-aware of potential dangers around every corner. It wasn’t just my kids I worried about—our pets were part of the equation too. Now that I’m in a better place, my risk radar is fine-tuned to the real threats. Here are the safety tips I’ve learned to keep our kids and pets safe.

1. Secure All Cleaning Supplies

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Kids and pets are naturally curious. Keep all cleaning supplies stored up high or locked away to prevent any accidental ingestion.

2. Use Pet-Safe Plants

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Did you know some common houseplants are toxic to pets? Swap out any dangerous plants for pet-safe varieties to avoid any nasty surprises.

3. Lock Away Medications

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Both human and pet medications can be really dangerous if they get into the wrong hands (or paws). Store all meds in locked cabinets, out of reach.

4. Check for Small Hazards

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Small objects like buttons, coins, and batteries are choking hazards waiting to happen. Regularly check the floors and low surfaces to make sure they’re clear.

5. Secure Trash Bins

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Trash bins can be a treasure trove for curious pets. Use bins with secure lids to keep them from rummaging through and potentially eating something harmful.

6. Install Safety Gates

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Safety gates aren’t just for toddlers. They can keep pets out of areas where they might get hurt, like the kitchen or stairs. Plus, they help manage interactions between kids and pets.

7. Avoid Toxic Foods

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Some foods, like chocolate, grapes, and onions, are toxic to pets. Make sure everyone in the house knows and keeps these foods well out of reach.

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8. Supervise Playtime

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Always keep an eye on playtime between young kids and pets. This helps prevent accidental injuries and ensures everyone plays nice.

9. Use Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

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Switch to pet-friendly cleaning products to avoid any harmful chemicals that might be left behind on surfaces your pet might lick or touch.

10. Keep Wires and Cords Out of Reach

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Pets love to chew on things, and electrical cords are no exception. Keep wires and cords out of their reach to prevent any shocking accidents.

11. Create a Safe Space for Pets

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Designate a safe space for your pets where they can retreat if they feel overwhelmed, especially during noisy activities or when guests are over.

12. Regular Vet Checkups

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Regular checkups with the vet can catch potential health issues early. Keep up with vaccinations and routine exams to ensure your pet stays healthy.

13. Pet-Proof Windows and Balconies

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Make sure windows have screens and balconies are secure to prevent your pets from falling or escaping.

14. Be Cautious with Human Foods

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Many human foods can be harmful to pets. Educate your family about what’s safe and what’s not, and stick to pet-approved treats.

15. Store Household Items Safely

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Items like laundry detergent, antifreeze, and pesticides can be deadly if ingested. Store these items securely and out of reach.

16. Use Collar ID Tags and Microchips

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Make sure your pets have ID tags on their collars and are microchipped. It’s a small step that can make a big difference if they ever get lost.

17. Keep Hot Objects Out of Reach

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Pets and kids can get curious about hot objects like stoves, irons, and fireplaces. Use barriers or keep them out of reach to prevent burns.

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18. Teach Kids Gentle Handling

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Teach your kids how to handle pets gently. This helps prevent injuries to both your children and your pets.

19. Secure Heavy Furniture

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Heavy furniture can tip over if kids or pets climb on it. Secure it to the wall to prevent any accidents.

20. Be Mindful of Small Toys

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Small toys can be choking hazards for pets. Make sure to pick up after playtime and keep these toys out of your pet’s reach.

Staying Safe Together

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Keeping your kids and pets safe doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a few precautions and a bit of awareness, you can create a safe, happy environment for everyone. Stay vigilant, but don’t forget to enjoy the precious moments with your little ones—both furry and human.

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