Exposed: The Internet Fakes Flooding Your Feed

Social media platforms are inundated with staged videos but we’re uncovering the secrets behind these viral deceptions. Have you ever been duped by these online antics?

1. Scripted Kid Antics

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Children are often prompted to say amusing or insightful things in videos that seem candid but are actually highly scripted. The innocence is real; the scenarios are not.

2. Staged Pranks

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Those hilarious reactions in prank videos? Most are performed by actors who know exactly what’s coming, ensuring the scene is both safe and shareable.

3. Fake Recipe Successes

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Many cooking videos use deceptive techniques to make the process look effortless and the results perfect, often involving inedible props to enhance visual appeal.

4. Phony Public Arguments

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Estrada Anton

Videos capturing public disputes or meltdowns are typically staged to generate views, playing on the audience’s fascination with conflict.

5. Manufactured Heroic Acts

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Some viral videos showcasing spontaneous acts of kindness are pre-planned to inspire viewers, though the situations are completely contrived.

6. Faux Animal Rescues

Image Credit: Pexel / Bayram Yalçın

Dramatic animal rescue videos are sometimes staged by the rescuers themselves, who place animals in peril to appear as heroes on camera.

7. Scripted Tech Fails

Image Credit: Pexel / Andrea Piacquadio

Tech mishaps, like malfunctioning gadgets and spectacular tech demos gone wrong, can be engineered to create buzzworthy content.

8. Deceptive Magic Tricks

Image Credit: Pexel / Дмитрий Зайцев

Online magic relies heavily on camera tricks, editing, and sometimes CGI to enhance the effect of the tricks performed.

9. False Wealth Flaunting

Image Credit: Pexel / Karolina Kaboompics

Videos of lavish lifestyles and big spending sprees can be staged to attract an audience, using rented luxury items and staged settings.

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10. Misleading DIY Projects

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DIY videos often gloss over the real time, expense, and skill needed, showing misleadingly simple “before and after” shots that hide the true effort involved.

11. Unrealistic Beauty Tutorials

Image Credit: Pexel / Ron Lach

Makeup tutorials can use filters and editing to create flawless results that are impossible to replicate in real life, setting unrealistic beauty standards.

12. Edited Fitness Transformations

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ORION PRODUCTION

Fitness journey videos sometimes compress years of training into seconds or use lighting and posture tricks to exaggerate results.

13. Scripted Reality Show Clips

Image credit: Shutterstock / Gorodenkoff

Snippets from reality shows that go viral are often the most staged or edited moments, intended to spark outrage or sympathy.

14. Fake Tech Reviews

Image credit: Shutterstock / DavideAngelini

Some gadget review videos are biased or scripted by sponsors, presenting only positive aspects while omitting significant flaws.

15. Prearranged Surprise Reactions

Image credit: Shutterstock / Rocketclips, Inc

Surprise reaction videos, like gift reveals or unexpected visits, are often rehearsed to capture the most emotional response possible.

16. Influencer Sponsorship Exaggerations

Image credit: Shutterstock / Geber86

Videos showing influencers’ seemingly genuine love for products may be exaggerated under sponsorship agreements, lacking genuine endorsement.

17. Fabricated Street Style Snaps

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Anna Zhuk

“Random” fashionista encounters on the street are sometimes staged, with models or influencers dressing up specifically for planned shoots.

18. False Risky Adventure Videos

Image Credit: Pexel / Vanessa Garcia

Extreme adventure or challenge videos can be misleading, with safety measures and careful planning hidden to make the feats seem more daring.

19. Manipulated Clips

Image Credit: Pexel / George Milton

Videos using selectively edited or enhanced audio create misleading impressions of conversations, often to sensationalize or mislead.

Contrived Conclusion

Image Credit: Pexel / Matheus Bertelli

The digital world is rife with staged productions designed to capture our attention and manipulate our perceptions. As we scroll through our feeds, let’s approach what we watch with a healthy dose of skepticism and remember to question the reality behind the viral spectacle.

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